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Will the crude oil price free fall stop, will chemical fibres react?
16-Dec-2014 1:47 am
- Mumbai
By Nitin Madkaikar
Crude oil prices have retreated US$50-53 per barrel or US$360-390 a ton since its peak of June 2014. More than that, the first two weeks of December has already seen them falling more than US$11 a barrel, the fastest drop in a shortest period not heard in recent years. International benchmarks
Textile mills demand a separate power tariff
20-Dec-2014 1:13 pm
- Coimbatore
By YarnsandFibers News Bureau
The textile industry of Southern India are demanding a separate tariff or load factor incentive as the textile industry is the highest consumer of TANGEDCO and thus deserves to have a special treatment and
Arvind to expand Creyate stores in India
20-Dec-2014 1:06 pm
- Mumbai
By YarnsandFibers News Bureau
With custom made clothing in huge demand these days, the textile and apparel company,Arvind Ltd., seeks to increase the turnover of his company to Rs.100 crore by expanding its retail outlet Creyate, in over 15 cities in
Market factors and change in policy to push cotton exports in India
20-Dec-2014 12:59 pm
- New Delhi
By YarnsandFibers News Bureau
India is expected to become the world’s largest cotton exporter this year, but cotton exports are expected to see a decline to around 5 million (480 lb) bales in 2014-15, almost 47% from the previous year as it has been hit by import restrictions
New fine spinner textile factory brings prospect Ugandan textile sector
20-Dec-2014 12:12 pm
- Uganda
By YarnsandFibers News Bureau
Ugandans textile industry at one time booming has remained in an indeterminate state despite incentives such as America's African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) while some African countries, particularly South Africa, Kenya and Lesotho, have
Organic certification made mandatory for finished textile products
19-Dec-2014 4:39 am
- Mumbai
By YarnsandFibers News Bureau
Raw cotton export already required certification under the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). It is now required of any finished textile product exported as an organic one such as yarn, fabrics, made-ups and garments as the government


30-Jul-2014 04:55
The history of cotton can be traced as far back as 4500 Before Common Era (BCE). It was first introduced to Europe but became mainstream and part of everyday life only after the industrial revolution.
10-Jul-2014 11:24
The end to the controlled trade regime in textile and clothing (T&C) came as a boon for consumers, especially in developed countries who started getting better and cheaper imported products.
25-Jun-2014 04:32
By: admin
A quota-free regime paid rich dividends for Asian economies as T&C exports rose at a rate of 8 per cent per annum, from US$76.3 billion in 2004 to US$138 billion in 2012. In comparison,...
22-Nov-2013 02:45
Consumer attitudes about the materials and ingredients in products they buy are rapidly changing, shifting toward products that are ethically or sustainably sourced - and clothing is no different....

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